Recent projects


EAT – Equine Assisted Therapy – Below are some of the drawings of  the therapy horses at Equine Assisted Therapy in Wildwood, Mo.  For many years I have been doing portraits of the amazing therapy horses that do their magic by helping all kinds of people.  These drawings are also made into note cards that also help in the promotion of their program.



Pujols Family Foundation    –  In 2016, I was invited along with some other St. Louis area artists to help in a fund raising event for the Pujols Family Foundation.  The artists were paired up with participants to make a piece of art that would be auctioned to raise money for the foundation.  Derek and I worked together to create this piece of art with a “21” theme, that I think turned out pretty nice.  The auction was at the lovely Selkirk Gallery in the Central West End.  We all dressed up and had a fun evening seeing all the different pieces of art that were created.  I also made some new friends.




Circus Flora – For over 8 years I have been a tiny part of the Circus Flora Family –  I am let in to get photos of some of the animal performers, then design a whimsical image that is put onto notecards and other items that is sold in their concessions.  I Love Circus Flora!