Some architectural landmarks, portraits – loose and representational are shown here.  While some are commissioned work, others are projects I did on my own.  It is so much fun experimenting with different mediums, the list is endless.  Presently I seem to be working mostly with acrylic paints on canvas or heavy paper, some pencil work, and watercolor always seems to show itself.  When working on a project, the choice of medium plays a huge part in the outcome.  Each has it’s own feel and look, and even those can be manipulated in different ways.

Please realize I am nowhere near done in adding images and content. so remember there is more to see next time you visit.  Thank You!!!!



Welcome to my site.  I will be slowly but surely adding images of new and old work from years gone by.  My portfolio is vast, therefore I will have new things to look as time goes by.   I am challenging myself to learn to do this – a new adventure, for sure.

Thank you.

watercolor Forest Park St. Louis

Nathan Frank Bandstand across from the Muny