horse portrait painter St. Louis area

Putting final detail on a portrait – 30″x30″ private collection acrylic on canvas



little girl with her horse- pencil portrait

pencil drawing of little girl and her horse

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Below is a grouping of somewhat recent portrait work.  Most of these were done from my photography.  When doing portraits of a person, I like to do the photos myself if possible as people are a real challenge to get the likeness just right and I need all the good reference I can get.    Prices start at 390.00 for a pencil drawing on 9″x12″ bristol paper with a blank background and limited additional details.   We can also discuss other options such as acrylic or oil on canvas.

Happy rider!

all smiles for this young equestrian!







Pet portraits are always a pleasure to do.   I know many of us who are so attached to our animal friends – they share a special place in our hearts.  Again, I prefer to do an extensive photo shoot to get a lot of good reference images.  Portraits like these below are highly detailed and can take weeks to do.  A tiny brushstroke in the wrong place can destroy a painting, so it cannot be rushed.  For a pencil drawing, prices will start at $290 for a pet portrait on 9″x12″ bristol paper, (nice heavy weight).  Watercolors on heavy Arche’s paper  will start at $320 for 9″x12″.  Paintings on canvas for a single soul with a plain background will start at $470 for 12″x16″.  These prices include the photo shoot if it is in the general St.Louis metro.  Mileage would be additional.  Also, a lot of detail, such as extensive tack or background will be bid, also.  We can discuss the price before work is begun.  I know this can be a bit confusing, so please feel free to ask anything!



The client wanted a painting to remember her horses, past and present.  She had a bunch of photos and clippings from years gone by that showed each one.  We discussed some options, and came up with the idea of a painting showing all of them  together in a fantasy pasture setting.   Since there were a lot of them, this long   horizontal  shape canvas worked fine.  12″x24″SONY DSC

b herd before 676 2.jpg