mural of open window in residence

painted open window/frame on wall


Lubeleys bakeryyyWP 676y

One small detail of the murals at Lubeleys Bakery.


As you walk into the National Equestrian Center lobby, look to your right and you will see the first mural I painted there.
I was given a list of the different breeds of horse, and other clubs that exhibit at the NEC.  Coming up with the design of that mural was probably the hardest part of that project (painting it was much easier!)

A long line of running horses is another image I painted at the NEC. You will see that above the windows in the front lobby that look out into the main area.

nec1 670



This full wall mural was done at a private residence in the St. Louis area.  The couple likes to travel, and had some specific spots they loved and wanted to see year round.  The ocean and the palm trees blowing in the breezes were part of the plan.


mural child room

A young boy got a feel for his abc’s in his very own room.